Who//Dawn Marble

Where//The world wide web

What//Techno slamming moonscape semtex nirvana photogenic

What What//I like that I was like WTF?


Romantic Call

Who//Patra featuring YoYo with a cameo by Tupac.

Where//The world wide web.

What//A music clip that appears to be shot in two distinct locations, as well as bringing together two musical genres.

What What//I like the discarding of the house dress, the opening line, the dancing and the riddim.


Guthrie Lonergan, Artist Looking at Camera, 2006

Tags: Simulation

Shana Moulton, Whispering Pines 10 (trailer)

Tags: Simulation

Thom Andersen, Los Angeles Plays Itself

Queering Mad Men…

Elisa Kreisinger’s YouTube channel:

Ed Atkins, Us Dead Talk Love (documentation of installation from YouTube), 2012

Tags: Simulation

Ed Atkins, Death Mask III (excerpt), 2011

Tags: Simulation

Takeshi Murata, Monster Movie